Frequently asked questions

What is DocuPull?

Docupull is a platform that simplifies the home loan pre-approval process by auto-filling the necessary Loan Application 1003 form using the documents you provide, ensuring faster and more reliable pre-approvals.

How does DocuPull Work? 

Upload your financial documents, and our AI will extract the necessary details to auto-fill the Loan Application 1003 form. You can then download this form in PDF or MISMO 3.4 XML format, making it easy to share with multiple lenders.

Is my data secure with DocuPull?

Absolutely! We prioritize your data's security and use state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to ensure confidentiality.

Can I share my Initial Loan Application Form with any lender?

Definitely! With DocuPull, you get your loan application pre-filled in PDF and MISMO 3.4 XML format, ready to be sent to any lender. 

Just download the completed PDF and inform your lender that you will send a filled-out application via email.
They can then transfer the details to their own system. This means no more hour-long form filling or back-and-forth with agents — DocuPull ensures your application is complete and ready for immediate processing.

Why should I use Docupull instead of directly approaching lenders?

Docupull saves you time by auto-filling the mandatory Loan Application 1003 form, which every lender requires. Our platform also allows you to easily share your details with multiple lenders, ensuring you get the best rates without the hassle of repetitive form-filling and agent discussions.

What documents do I need to upload?

Currently, we do conventional loans for salaried employees (W2).
So, typically, we require documents such as Driver's License, W2, paystubs, bank statements, and Tax Return-1040. 

These help us extract the necessary details for the Initial Loan Application form so you don't have to spend an hour filling it.

Will I receive spam calls or emails after using Docupull?

No. We have a strict zero-spam policy. Your privacy is paramount, and you won't receive any unsolicited communications from affiliates.

I have issues uploading my documents. What should I do?

Ensure your documents are in the accepted formats (PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG) and do not exceed size limits.

If you continue to face issues, please contact our support team -